I finished it!

I’ve just finished testing my foundation neural network function with openCL C and can confirm that it works! From what you can see above, I have my run through it’s selection process for batches of 7000 individuals each (due to scalability constraints), selects the best one and then will have a “battle royale” of the top performers from each batch.

The results you see are based on my training data of the XOR table (IE: input 0, 0 = 0 ; 0,1 =1 ; 1,0 = 1 ; 1,1 = 0) and the result for 0,0 is displayed to compare to its fitness data.

I’m about half way finishing converting the extremely obtuse and unwieldy code into C++ class based structures so that myself and others can use it, however I’m not entirely sure if I still want to make my first practice project trading in bitcoins after my exchange of choice (MTgox) decided to fold last month, so if anyone has any good ideas I’m all ears!

I’ve also been in an interview process for a really amazing job! I have a very real possibility that I might be a PLM (product lifecycle management) engineering consultant for a really neat tech startup that an internet friend of mine referred me for. As you could imagine after looking for work for 6 months its a breath of fresh air to finally find someone who values your skills, knowledge, and determination!

Let me know of any projects that could use NNs you’d like me to talk about! As you can tell I’m pretty enthusiastic about the topic.


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