My name is James Sutton, and I’m a Materials Engineering graduate  from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada.

I’m currently 5 months into my job search and sleeping on my dads couch, and I spend my time learning new complex tools that I can use to become more valuable to employers.

My major current project is an Automated Neural Network for commodities trading and speculation, but in the past I’ve also worked on advanced manufacturing processes and bitcoin related business ventures.

If your interested in getting in touch with me send me an email or write a comment, I hope you’ve enjoyed what I write as much as I enjoy you reading my work.



    1. thanks, I’m going to be talking about what I’ve learned about machine learning and how I can apply it to engineering fields in a couple of days, hopefully I can make it interesting!


      1. This is totally awesome, James.

        I’m rooting for you, too! If I find anything Material Scientist related, I’ll send it your way!

        Question though… You can’t leave the house, right? So, it would need to be somewhere close, huh?


      2. Thanks for your kind words and I appreciate massively!

        I have no problems with leaving, I just need to get enough money together to be able to hire a live-in nurse for when I leave to take care of my dad. He’s not too far gone that he’s not capable of living by himself but I can see old age creeping onto him and eventually he’s going to need someone to take care of him full time.


  1. Hi James, my name is Martin. I have data which looks like: +1,+1,+1,-3,+1,-3,+1,+1,….. If your software can predict those numbers then we should get in contact immediately. Best, Martin


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